At Neat Feet Podiatry our aim is to provide you with a comfortable treatment environment, where you feel confident that all your foot care needs will be met. Established in 2000, our staff have many years of experience dealing with foot problems. 
From January 4th 2022, the practice is located across the road at 201 High Street, within Fremantle Physio and Health, (the old SKG building), a newly refurbished, and spacious premises. There is parking at the back of the practice, and a convenient drop off area at the front, for those with accessibility issues.
​We provide a full range of podiatry services including:
  •  clinical podiatry for all types of foot pathology including skin conditions and bony deformities
  •  sports podiatry and orthotics prescription
  •  specialist diabetic assessment and foot therapy
  •  paediatric foot care
  •  nail surgery for ingrown toe-nails

Our Staff


​Caroline Hayward - principal podiatrist


Graduating from the University of Brighton in 1986, Caroline opened the business following a family move to Western Australia in 1999. 

With over thirty years of experience working in a variety of roles in podiatry - in the National Health System,  private practice in the UK,  a Diabetic Unit in Saudi Arabia,  and clinical teaching at Curtin University, her focus is to provide  effective clinical treatment for all the family.

Caroline values the client-practitioner relationship, and treats every case with the individual attention it deserves. Using evidence based research, and current modalities, she relishes the challenges that each treatment brings. The resolution of your symptoms is her ultimate goal, and she will include you in that treatment plan, at every level.